Tips For Travelling With Kids

Posted in General on Monday, November 26th, 2012

Holidays are fun and a great stress buster. But if you are travelling with a kid, you have to be innovative and extra careful while planning your journey. You might boast of having very well-behaved children, but believe us, they are very unpredictable and you wouldn’t want to put anything to chance. So meticulously plan your holiday, draw out the to-do list and make a note of all the things to pack for the travel ahead.



Here are a few tips that can save your holidays from turning into a nightmare.


Carry Toys and Books:


Pack your children’s favourite stuffed toys, rattles, toy phones, games, play doh, colouring and story books to keep them busy during the journey and after. Carry a few familiar toys and some new ones to hold their attention. A golden rule to remember here is not to bring them out too soon. Wait until you can’t take it anymore and then bring out the secret weapon one by one.


Distract with Technology:



Technology can be a great saviour when travelling. Download a few interesting videos (nursery rhymes, animated and kids’ movies) and your kids’ favourite music on your laptop, tablet, iPod or smartphone. That will keep them distracted and busy for hours. TV rationing is good for home, but on holidays extra TV time won’t hurt your children and will provide you a much-needed breathing space.


Carry the Essentials:


Give your novel a miss if need be but don’t make concessions for your child’s essentials.
• Carry diapers, wet wipes and hand cleansers to take care of any toilet-related emergencies during the journey.
• Keep pacifiers and medicines for vomiting, nasal congestion, cough, fever, loose motions etc. handy.
• If your child has a favourite stuffed toy or a blanket he cannot do without, pack it. The same goes for his potty seat too.
• It’s a good idea to keep a change of clothes for yourself and your child. You wouldn’t want to reek of wiped up vomit.
• Also, throw in a few garbage bags, and you will thank us profusely later.
• Carry a baby sling, carry cot, pram or stroller for your kid. It makes journey a lot easier and smoother.


Pack Ample Food and Snacks:


Flight or train pantry food might not always suit to your child’s palate. Hence, it’s a good idea to carry some long-lasting home-made food for your child. Remember, variety is the key; in case he doesn’t eat one type of food you have something else to fill his tummy. Also, now’s not the time to be a strict disciplinarian; carry wafer, biscuits, crackers or other finger foods for the travel. But just take care that your child doesn’t go overboard with it so as not to have a stomach upset.


Stick to a Routine:


Kids are most comfortable with a set routine; their meal times, bathing time and sleeping time. They might get cranky if that’s disturbed. Hence, try to stick to their normal routine as much as possible. We know it’s difficult and won’t always be possible while travelling, but do the best you can.



Do Your Research Beforehand


If travelling by flight, do web check-in for your flight and book your seats. Prefer aisle seats as it’s easier to move for bathroom breaks without inconveniencing fellow travellers. Do your homework before you leave for the trip and find out what facilities does the hotel you are staying in offer; like swimming pool, entertainment area, crèche, nanny service, etc. Also, find out if there are zoos, parks, museums etc. in/near the city for their entertainment.


Have happy holidays!!!


If you have a few travelling tips of your own to share with other mommies, write to us at



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