Kids’ Safety: How to Baby Proof your Home

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When you are expecting your first baby, there are many things you need to consider and one of them is baby proofing your home. It is best to baby proof the house when you are pregnant because as soon as your little one arrives, time will fly and you might not get the time to do it. If you are already a new mummy looking to baby proof the house, do it before the little one starts crawling. Here are some home safety tips to help you keep your baby safe and reduce the risk of accidents.
1. One of the first things you need to do is cover up sharp corners of furniture and walls with table guards and soft pads. Most often, when babies start crawling they bump their heads against these corners, which can be quite dangerous.
2. Use baby proof locks on all the gates, doors, windows, drawers, and kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
3. Push the all the furniture towards the walls. When babies start crawling, they will start pulling themselves on any furniture that is around, and if the furniture does not have enough support, it might fall and injure your baby. So, it’s best to fasten all the furniture and keep your baby safe from a home accident.
4. Cover all the electrical plug points that are close to the ground. Once your baby starts to crawl, you never know what kind of trouble they might get themselves into. If you have power outlets closer to the ground, cover them with cellophane tape or something more robust.
5. Move all the items are away from the floor, this includes wires, gadgets, cords, showpieces, vases etc. Make sure you clear these things and keep them away from your baby’s reach.
6. Keep sharp objects like knives, forks, scissors and needles away from your little one.
Once you have finished baby proofing your home, try crawling around on all fours to check if you have missed any part of the house. Your kid’s safety is the number one priority and this checklist will help you prepare your home and make it safer for your little one before he/she begins exploring your home.

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