How Kids Can Help The Environment?

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When you give your child values on kindness, responsibility etc. to help him a better world citizen tomorrow, one more aspect you need to teach him. And that is to teach your child to be responsible towards the environment and thus help the environment.
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Kids may be small, kids may be young; but don’t underestimate the contribution they can make towards helping the environment and saving the earth.
Let’s see how kids can help the environment with these small and simple steps:
Charity begins at home:
At home, there is a lot of scope where your child can help the environment.
Save water:
Simple things like turning off the tap while brushing the teeth, lathering the hands with soap or taking shorter showers can help save water. Also, teach your kid to be alert about any taps that are dripping water.
Save electricity:
Saving electricity is saving the Planet Earth.
- Your child should know to turn off the lights/fan when he leaves a room. Also, he should switch off any electrical/electronic gadgets after use.
- If not required, don’t switch on the air conditioner and if it needs to, keep it at the room temperature.
- In the summer instead of putting on the air conditioner, wear loose cotton clothes and in the winter, put on a sweater or use a blanket to avoid using the heater.
Save paper:
Don’t waste paper unnecessarily. If you have blanks pages in old notebooks, don’t throw them out. Take them out and staple them together. They can be used as a scribbling pad.
Say no to Plastic:
As most plastics are not biodegradable and emit poisonous gases, they pollute the land and the water. Hence, try to use as little plastic as possible.
• Instead of buying packaged drinking water when travelling, carry your own drinking water. It will help reduce the consumption of plastic bottles.
• Many shops nowadays offer you to buy cotton or jute bags from them. Buy them; they not only last longer but also come in cool prints these days. Also, make it a point to carry these bags the next time you go shopping, so you don’t have to buy/accept plastic bags from other shops.
Plant trees:
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Plant trees with your friends or your family in the garden/parking lot/neighborhood. It will not only give your kid a great sense of pride to watch the tree grow but will also help the environment. Teach your kid to water the plants/trees and to take good care of them. Also, teach him to water early in the morning or in the evening; this way more water will reach to plants than being evaporated.
If you have a garden, you can encourage your child to make compost out of discarded fruit and vegetable peels. The compost thus made is very good for the land.
Start re-using and re-cycling:
Re-using and re-cycling are quite the game-changers.
• Invest in 3 or 4 reusable shopping bags. Use the same to carry home stuff from the grocery store or the supermarkets.
• Invest in BPA-free plastic bottles which can be re-used again and again for carrying water.
• Ask your child to re-cycle his textbooks to his juniors, gift old storybooks/comics or novels to his friends.
• If your child has an electronic book reader, encourage him to buy e-books instead of paperbacks.
• Your child can collect newspapers, glass/plastic jars, pop cans, milk bags, etc. and give it to the pastiwala. They are then re-cycled.
Join cleanup operations:
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Encourage your child to volunteer in cleanup drives. These groups help clean up a nearby park, beach or playground. It may not sound fun to you but believe us, for your kid it will be. In a big group of friends and other volunteers, it’s always fun.
Physical Activity:
It’s very difficult these days to make kids go out and play. They are hooked all the time to electronics like TV, video games, computers, mobile phones or their tablets.
• But encourage your child to play outside in the fresh air. When he is playing outside, he is helping conserving energy as his electronics are switched off.
• Instead of taking a car, rickshaw or a two-wheeler, encourage your kid to walk along with you when you are running errands. It will save fuel and reduce the pollution thereby helping the environment.
Let us teach our kids early on how they can influence the environment and seek their help in saving the Earth.

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