Guide To Preparing For A Second child

Posted in Parents To Be on Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

You already have a tiny tot at home crawling, or a toddler who has recently been weaned off diapers or one who is ready to go to school!! And, now are you ready to do it once again? Before you take the second pregnancy plunge, here are a few factors that you need to keep in mind:


Health factor:


Just as you wanted to be healthy for your first baby, you want to be in the same pink of health for your second one, don’t you? Experts say that a woman’s body needs a bit over a year to cope up with a pregnancy (medications, weight gain & loss and strain to the body). But there’s no rule that you can’t conceive within that time gap. If you are eating well and are healthy enough, you can always plan your second baby.



But here are a few points to keep in mind:


• You will be required to cater to the needs of your first child while you are also carrying your second one. You can bid adieu to ‘rest’!


• Be prepared to carry around your first one whether you have a back ache or not!


Age Factor:


All women today want to have a flourishing career before they plunge in to say, “I do”, don’t they? But this is inversely proportional to your pregnancy. The later you plan a baby, the less fertile you will be!


After a woman turns 35 her fertility rate starts deteriorating. Consult your doctor who can run fertility tests on you for better results.



Financial factor:


Can you afford to feed another mouth with the economy skyrocketing? Apart from this one question, there is a sea of questions that you ought to ask yourself.


• If you are a working mother and your parents or in-laws are taking care of your first born, will they be able to handle the second one or will you need to hire a maid/nanny?


• Can all of you stay in your present home, or do you need a bigger house? And a bigger car?


Should you use the same crib that you used for your first born or do you need to buy new stuff? If you have always been planning two babies, keep a prelim budget ready. Make sure, you don’t shower everything on your first born while your second one is left with nothing or very little.



Gap Factor:


Think about it! Let’s help you out with the gap between two babies:


• If you already have a small child and want another one, you might need to think! Just imagine how your life can get out of hand if you have two babies on diapers or both have to be breastfed.


• If you can afford maids and nurses, it’s great, but let’s get real…most of us can’t, and with working moms, the scenario is completely different.


• If you had delivered your first baby through a C-section, you might want to postpone your second pregnancy for about 18 months.


• If your second child arrives within 2 to 3 years after your first one, your elder one will feel more jealous and left out. Balancing a new arrival and an elder baby might get out of hand.


• Having a close gap between two babies can also drain you financially. On one hand, you have your first one stepping into school, while on the other you have surmounting medical bills.


Planning a 4-5 yr old gap might sound correct. Your body might take some time to adjust to the changes since you have been out of the game for a while, but there are several pros. Your firstborn is big enough to take care of himself and will be a big help to you. Not just in helping you out with chores, he will also become a great role model for your second baby.


This article is not to discourage you to plan a second child but to take an informed and sensible decision about the same.


Do you have 2 kids? How did you plan it out? Feel free to comment and share your stories with our readers.



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