Gifting Ideas For New Born Babies

Posted in General on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Whenever we get an invitation from new parents for the celebration of the new addition to their families; it ensues a brainstorming session and loads of research. After all, gifting is an art.
Gifting Ideas for New Born Baby
Gifts for new born babies, like any other gift, should be thoughtful and useful. There is an expansive range of products for new born babies in the market these days, even in India. A host of online shopping sites have further eased the difficulties of finding the right product.
Before deciding on a gift, you should think about various things a baby will need, your relationship with the new parents or the family, and of course, your budget.
Here are a few gifting ideas for new born babies:
Baby Furniture
• Crib
• Rocker or Bouncer
• Pram
• High Chair
• Car seat
• Baby Walker
• Baby bathing chair
Tip: You will have to do a little research and check if they already have the thing that you are planning to gift (or pool in to gift) because 2-3 of the same baby furniture will be sheer wastage of your time, money and efforts.
Furnishings and other Accessories
• Mattress-Pillow set
• Baby Blanket
• Swaddler
• Kid utensils
• Wall sticker sets
• Baby pool
Tip: If you know the name of the baby, you could even get some of these gifts personalized. The gift will stand out and remain memorable for a long time.
Baby Gift Ideas India
Clothes and Hygiene or Skin care products
• Clothes (buy rompers or open-necked t-shirts for ease of getting in and out of them)
• Baby care product gift packs containing soap, oil, shampoo, cream (if you know the name of the brand the baby uses)
• Diaper packs, Wipes and diaper bags
Tip: These gifts are basic and yet extremely useful. The best part is that every one can gift one of it and yet it would be useful for the baby. It is estimated that a baby uses around 2500-3000 diapers on an average in their first year. So, you can imagine what a huge expenditure that amounts to.
While shopping for baby clothes, always remember that babies are most comfortable in soft fabric, loose fitting, open collared and easily-wearable clothes. Anything tight or closed neck is a strict no-no.
Precious metals, Policies and Investments
• Gold and silver
• Policies / Investments
Tip: Precious metals like gold or silver have always been traditionally gifted to family or close friends. Investing the gift money in something like a mutual fund or a fixed deposit, in the name of the baby, is also a sound idea.
• Rattles
• Play gyms
• Hanging soft toys or crib mobiles
• Teethers
• Bathtime toys
• Soft toys
Tip: New born babies are too young to actually ‘play’ with any toy. You can choose rattles which make different kinds of noise. Anything with loose pieces like string, stick on eyes, fur, etc must be avoided because babies tend to put everything in their mouth. The toys must be easy-to-clean as well.
Books and Magazine subscriptions
• Early child care and baby development books like
- Dr Spock’s Baby and Child Care
- What to Expect – the First Year
- Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Dr. Marc Weissbluth
- Your Baby and Child by Penelope Leach
• Annual subscriptions of Baby care magazines available in the market
Tip: For booklover parents, this could be a good option which is unusual and yet useful. New parents are always buzzing with several queries. Good books or magazines can offer the wisdom to take care of their little ones.
Want to know what you shouldn’t buy for babies? Read this:
So whether you are invited for a baby shower or birthday celebrations of the new born, these ideas and tips can come handy while deciding for that perfect gift.

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