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Posted in Beauty and Wellness, Fun Time on Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

An important part of parenting is to ensure that you as the parent are taken care of as well. It can be very easy to get trapped in every day schedules and forget to take care of yourself! As a mother, it is essential that you make time to nurture yourself because Happy Mommies make for Happy Kids! That’s why I jumped at the chance to attend the Wella Color Up Your Life Bloggers Meet on Sept 27th at the Wella International Studio in Saket- because you have to admit life is definitely more fun with color!
So, I got to thinking – What holds us back? Why are we afraid of coloring our hair? Does hair color really cause damage?
I got my answers and a whole lot more learning at the Wella Meet! I got to interact and discuss the true nature of hair color with Wella Experts and really enjoyed the session with the lovely, exuberant Sapna Bhavnani and the Wella Expert Team of Amy Plowman and Gaurav Gupta.
They showed us that Wella’s new product the ‘Oil Infuso Color Service’ not only ensures long lasting color but also protects your hair from damage with the power of oil. Here’s how:

  1. The Oil Infuso Color Service enhances the structure of your hair and strengthens it
  2. It uses a special formula with Vit E that protects the hair from damage and creates a great shine!
  3. It also Locks in the moisture ensuring my hair doesn’t get dry and strawy!


Oil Infuso Vertical

Celebrity Stylist Sapna Bhavnani addressed my color concerns and after her advice, I’m thinking of going for a Deep Burgundy! With the Wella Oil Infuso Color Service, I’m no longer afraid to color my hair and I’m all set to Color Up My Life with Wella!

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