5 gifts for expecting parents

Posted in Parents To Be on Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

While making a gift to expecting parents, most people end up giving presents for the yet-to-be-born baby like diaper bags and baby toys. However, a much more thoughtful gift would be something that the expecting parents could use while their baby is still on the way. Here are 5 useful gift options for couples that are expecting:


1. Spa coupons
A great gifting option for expecting parents is to give them a relaxing and rejuvenating time before their young one arrives. For an expecting mother, a spa massage could help relax her sore muscles and could make her feel less jittery about her labor. Many spas these days have special packages for expectant mothers ranging from massages to manicures. However, keep in mind that the best time for an expecting mother to go for a spa treatment is in the second trimester and beginning of the third trimester.


2. Preparatory classes for expecting parents
These preparatory classes come in handy for expecting parents as they teach everything from how to care for a baby to how to ease labor pains. For a pregnant woman, these classes include aerobics, or yoga, specifically designed for them. This can help strengthen their pelvic muscles.


3. Educational material on pregnancy and parenting
Useful books, CDs and DVDs on pregnancy and parenting are definitely something to consider. Expecting parents scour the internet and talk to their loved ones for information but nothing could be as useful for them as getting them credible and handy information resources for all their concerns during this time.


3. Meal coupons at their favorite restaurant
Expecting parents will soon get very busy caring for their young one and might not be able to devote much time to each other. Hence, in order to make sure they enjoy this beautiful phase in their relationship, gift them meal coupons or make a paid reservation for them at their favorite restaurants for them to go on a date. All expecting mothers also have certain food cravings and eating her favorite food will help satisfy it.


4. Helping hand
Your time is truly one of the best gifts no matter what the occasion. Helping in cleaning, being available, doing groceries, running an errand or cooking– would be an unforgettable gift.


Share in the excitement of expecting parents with these lovely gifts just for them. If you have your own ideas on what could make a great gift for expecting parents, do share it in the comments below.

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