5 Essential Tips for To- Be- Fathers

Posted in Parents To Be on Saturday, October 5th, 2013

Did you hear it right? Pinch yourself and say it out loud, yes, you are going to be a father…exhilarating, scary? You ought to be and so is your wife. She will undergo a myriad of changes and so will your household and life.


So, what to expect while expecting:


1. Be there for her: You will see a sea of transformations in your wife, both physically and emotionally. She might go from being elated to miserable to weeping like a child. Fret not, these changes are hormonal and come with the turf. Be sensitive to the changes, but don’t over do. You are not compelled to make her happy even when she is feeling blue. Just be by her side, talk her out of her sadness, fears and worries.


2. Face your fears: Not just your wife, you might also feel nauseated and drained out. It’s not abnormal. Remember, your wife might be the one carrying, but you are also undergoing a lot of changes. Visit a doctor if you want to and interact as much as you can with your wife to reduce stress. Discuss baby names, design for the nursery, read together…anything that will cheer you up.



3. Make a budget: You might be going from two earning members to one. Don’t get anxious, plan through the days of the pregnancy. Start saving and investing from early on and plan your paternity leaves in advance.


4. Undertake classes with her: Finish your day’s work and rush to the pregnancy class your wife is undertaking. See her leap with joy…hope not literally though!! Its your seed that is growing inside her, so the classes are equally important for you as they are for her. They will help you and her understand the course of pregnancy better. Labour and the process of child birth is replicated in these classes, thus preparing you and your wife for real time action when it actually happens.


5. Keep things handy: As the D-day approaches, make a checklist and be prepared with the items that you would need, for example, important phone numbers (of doctor, hospital, neighbors, close family and friends), patient’s file, hospital bag, extra set of house keys etc.


Here are a few quick tips to make your spouse happy:


• Give her a nice foot and head massage to soothe those tensed nerves.
• Share some of the household chores with her like keeping the house clean, grocery shopping etc.
• Don’t forget to take her out on a nice romantic date. Believe us, she will feel both loved and cherished which will do her morale a ton of good.


Well, getting a new member is a breathtaking experience but it is also very exhausting. Get as much rest as you can, for once the baby arrives, you will barely get time to take a nap. Now, all you have to do is to wait for the little one to arrive!


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